WHAT TO PACK: BOYS - Lost Beaches Travel Co.


Gentlemen, as our parents told us, accept solid advice when it is given and hear out to what our resident Lost Beaches Travel’ite,  Ola, has to say regarding fashion on the boats and the beach.


This is a given. nobody likes a lobster face.


Come on gentlemen, swimwear doesn’t have to be a trial – there are plenty of great European brands doing tasteful swimmers for men these days. Take the ultra baggy Billabong boardies and lycra to the charity shop and check out Vilebrequin, Orlebar Brown and Paul Smith for a selection of cotton swim-shorts in various tan-enhancing pastel hues and stripes.


Tank tops will do – it is hot out here.


Break the ice with an inflatable beach swan, a big-time frisbee or a classic  football. Use them for beach games  – note: Likelyhood of losing beach frisbee = 90%.


Approach the following articles with EXTREME GENTLEMENS CAUTION:

  • South of the mason-dixon line style Wife-beaters
  • Jesus-style Sandals
  • Ultra Deep V-necks (How low can ya go?)
  • Excessively thick/dark bodily hair. (This counts as a shirt if thick enough)
  • Boring sunglasses (Colour, style all factor in on a hot pair of shades)
  • You might love your latest iCrap or tech’d up techno camera like a newborn child,, but King Poseidons’ great underworld world doesn’t have a lost and found box. Just don’t lose them!
  • Nobody cares how much you spent on that super shiny pair of ultra sexy shades, leather silk european carry-case or velvet shoes. Leave your ego in the past and your judgement at home– Lost Beaches Travel is a place to relax and escape from the nasty pressures at home.


NOTE: Any/all of the above can work for the  right person. If in doubt, just avoid. In all seriousness, wear whatever the hell you want.