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Full Moon.. PARTY!

People travel because they want to see the world, experience culture, and make new friends. All Lost Beaches tours are designed and staffed with these travelling principles in mind. However, its not just these noble reasons that forge the Lost Beaches traveller forward: there are also the epic parties to be found along the way! And on a tiny island in the Gulf of Thailand, we find just that! Every month travellers arrive on the island of Koh Phangan to take part in the largest monthly party in the world: The Full Moon Party. Each Lost Beaches group will join 20,000+ partiers to dance the moon up into the night sky and back down again. Get ready for the craziest four days and nights of your life!

All Lost Beaches groups arrive to Koh Phangan a couple of days before the full moon so we can settle in and soak up the snowballing party energy that builds all month long. After a beautiful boat ride on a high speed catamaran from the mainland, followed by an open air songthaew taxi to the Haad Rin peninsula, it doesn’t take long for first time travellers to realize that they are in a place unlike anything or anywhere else in the world. The extra days are spent getting our pool party on at Haad Rin Nai (sunset beach), and stocking up on neon clothes and body paint.  Depending on the head tour leader and vibe of the group, we may also take in a live Muay Thai fight, check out the local elephants and tigers, or explore the island on motorbikes.

As dusk approaches on the day of the Full Moon, the music starts to pulse from the beach into town, and the energy on the island is inescapable to anyone on the peninsula.  We gather near Haad Rin Nok (sunrise beach), and while the locals set up their endless stretch of beach-side bars, we finish neoning-up over a whiskey bucket or beers.

The fire-show’s start, the music gets loud, and we get right into things along the funnest beach party in the world. The booze-bucket bars go all night as does the rave of neon paint, lost clothes, swimming, dancing, bar hopping, flaming jump ropes, and even a slide that goes through a fire hoop!

The music changes spontaneously from trance to reggae to house, and more, as you walk down the massive beach, as if passing through a soundproof curtain every 50 metres. Food, bracelets, and of course more UV paint are available throughout the night, as the group drifts between dancing, chilling on the beach, and wandering up to the 7-11.

And once you’ve partied every ounce of energy out of this neon-soaked night, the Lost Beaches team will make sure you get home safely to our nearby, oceanside accommodations.  However, there are always the strong willed that dance all the way till sunrise and beyond.
I’m super stoked to see all your excited faces when you touch down in Bangkok and to see those same faces light up when they see Koh Phangan for the first time. LET’S GET INTO IT!