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Thai hangover cures

We’ve all been there: a late night filled with great times and great friends, at your favourite party spot. But then it hits you in the morning like a water-logged beach volleyball – a throbbing hangover headache, Thailand-style. The end result of a few too many adult beverages, a few too many party buckets. Luckily things are a little different in Southeast Asia and there are some special cures available for those groggy mornings. Aside from the warm, cure-all sun that showers down on Thailand all-year round, there are some unique food and drink choices that can further help you out.


Almost every adventure-traveller knows the secret hangover-curing powers of Pad Kee Mao (Thai Drunken Noodles). This amazing local dish is a favourite throughout the country, and though the Thai people often prefer their Pad Kee Mao while drinking, they acknowledge the morning jump start it can give any reckless wanderer. The dish is prepared in several varieties, though the most popular is with broad rice noodles. To add some protein and an extra shot in the arm, most Westerners will also add delicious Thai-seasoned beef or chicken to a dish of spicy noodles.

Why Does It Help My Hangover?  To answer this question we have to delve a little deeper into the mind of the Thai people. Local chefs contend that the unique (and tasty!) extra spiciness in Thai soups will helps the body freshen up by sweating out the troublesome alcohol toxins. The added benefit of these hearty soups is that they’ll satisfy the hunger in the pit of your stomach without forcing you to consume too much solid food at those ‘critical’ times for both your stomach and head.

Extreme-Traveller Note: At most restaurants and food stands you can add your own additional spices. If you’re not faint of heart, look around and check out the spices the locals use, and then follow suit. Big Extreme-Traveller points.

I know what you’re thinking – “I’m a little uneasy on my feet and delicate in the head right now. I don’t know if a wild, spicy soup is the best idea. Where is the nearest Mcdonalds breakfast sandwich?” Don’t fret my friend because this is exactly what you and your weary body need before another big day of jungle wandering, ocean swimming, and beach relaxing. Back on your feet soldier, the Thailand party experience won’t wait around forever for you to recover! (Okay, it probably will, but still..)


Refreshing, electrolyte-rich and sweet to the tongue, coconut water is Thailand’s go-to hangover cure. This delicious nectar is nature’s gatorade and there’s no reason not to take full advantage of what mother nature giveth.

Coconut water is the clear liquid from young green coconuts, not the creamier slurry that is a staple ingredient in Thai curries. That would be rather too rich for a post-revelry beverage. If only the exotic flavour wasn’t so reminiscent of the party drinks that got you into your hungover predicament!

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