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Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Beach Cruise Bum


Top 5 Reasons You Should be a Booze Cruise Bum

Thailand is a place of tranquility and relaxation for some travelers, with its beautiful beaches and Buddhist culture. Thailand backpacking can be the ultimate adventure. If you want to go all out and experience Thailand the best way, booze cruising is the way to go. It’s pretty self explanatory- a booze cruise is a daylong boat ride, often with unlimited alcohol, and in our case, sailing around the stunning islands of Ko Phi Phi. Ko Phi Phi is also considered the most beautiful place on the planet. So, obviously that sounds rad in its own right, but we’re going to break down the top 5 reasons you should just quit your life, and be a booze cruise bum:

Awesome Scenery

You don’t get the reputation as being the most beautiful place on earth by being a hot mess. Ko Phi Phi is home to some of the most crystal blue water, powder soft white-sand beaches, and towering cliffs. The beaches are legendary, and it’s almost hard to believe your eyes when you see it in real life. Booze cruises casually float you to the best beach hangouts, where you just jump in the water with a Chang beer (or 4) and lounge with your new buds. Sunshine, clear blue skies, and beach lounging with a beer- it doesn’t get any better.

Wild Activities

Besides drinking copious amounts, booze cruises are great for seeing the sights and getting wild! Cliff diving is one stop on your daylong journey. There’s nothing like hiking up a cliff side, and taking a plunge off! You’ll also stop at monkey beach, which is exactly what it sounds like- a beach full of monkeys you can feed and chill with- but be careful, those guys can get frisky! Ko Phi Phi is surrounded by some gorgeous coral reefs, so booze cruising gives you front-row access to explore; snorkeling off the side of the boat is an unforgettable experience. At the end of the day, watch a sunset like you’ve never seen, while floating with a beer in your hand in Wang Long Bay.

Meeting new people

Ay mate, bonjourno, and hey there- a booze cruise is a multicultural experience. You will meet people from all over the world, all there to have a great time. You’ll become fast friends after a few Chang beers and a couple cliff jumps! Booze cruising is a day long party, so you’re bound to share some interesting moments with your new multinational buds. And hey, maybe you’ll find your next destination that way.

Best Travel Stories

Drinking all day, feeding monkeys, cliff diving, snorkeling, and beach hopping- there’s no way you’ll come out of this one without at least a few knee-slapping stories. Maybe your bathing suit top flew off after a jump from the cliffs, or maybe your new Australian friend got pantsed by a monkey. Or perhaps a close encounter with a giant fish while snorkeling left you needing an extra beer. Regardless of the day’s antics, you will be left with stories you’ll be telling your grandkids (when they’re old enough).



UNLIMITED beer will be your fuel for the day. You’ll want to make sure to drink lots of water and get a solid Thai meal into your belly before you depart- you want to keep the party going all day long! In between dips in the ocean and monkey feedings you can hop aboard the boat and grab your drink of choice. Thailand backpacking is a treat for sure, and honestly, there ain’t no party like a booze cruise party.

So by now you’re obviously convinced that booze cruising in Ko Phi Phi seems like the best thing to do, ever. And you’re right, it really is. So you need to smarten up and book your tour right now, because this boat is leaving the dock and you’re going to want to be on it.