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Terms & Conditions

TERMS AND CONDITIONS (Updated and Uploaded on June 11th, 2016)

  • I agree that I have hired Lost Beaches Travel Company, henceforth referred to as Lost Beaches Travel Co, for the purpose of assisting with various and specific arrangements for planning a vacation. This may include reservations for guided services, events, and tours. I agree any participation in such travel arrangements by Lost Beaches Travel Co limits the liability of the company.
  • The laws and customs of any foreign country that I choose to visit shall be followed and aren’t under the control of Lost Beaches Travel Co. I have read and agree to all of the following terms and conditions in order for Lost Beaches Travel Co to be a subcontractor for me to arrange these various segments of my travel plans.
  • I understand that Lost Beaches Travel Co is limited in liability and that they are a tour operator. I give them permission to make inquiries regarding the reputation of any agents or subcontractors. I understand that Lost Beaches Travel Co has limited resources and they may need to engage with such agents and subcontractors. They aren’t a licensed tour operator in Thailand. If I have any questions or concerns, I have the right to independently investigate any such agents or subcontractors.
  • I agree that I will be assuming reasonable and normal travel risks to get to and while at my selected destinations. This includes any activities that I may select to take part in during the travel period as defined. I understand that Lost Beaches Travel Co isn’t liable for any accidents, injuries, property damage, bodily harm, or fatalities that could occur. Any form of recourse that is attempted shall be against other entities including hotels, restaurants, airlines, or employees of such entities. I select to travel on my own free will and do not hold Lost Beaches Travel Co liable.
  • I understand that risks are present and Lost Beaches Travel Co is released from any liability for such risks. This includes all of the company’s volunteers, employees, and agents. The participation in the programs and tours that are arranged by them are selected by me to freely participate in. The only exception is any form of fraud or theft that may be committed by Lost Beaches Travel Co (this includes any agent, employee, or volunteer).
  • It is my responsibility to purchase travel insurance including overseas healthcare. Such coverage is necessary should I incur any injury, illness or emergency during the course of my travels. Such insurance coverage must also be in place should the trip be cancelled due to reasons beyond my control. I agree to fully disclose my current health status to the insurer.
  • I agree that the deposit made is not refundable. In the event that I have a payment plan in place with various installments due, any failure to make a payment or if that payment isn’t honoured by the bank, will result in the cancellation of my travel reservation. All of the amounts paid to that point in time will be non-refundable. I understand that I will have no legal right to recover such funds from Lost Beaches Travel Co.
  • I agree that if my travel reservation and purchase with Lost Beaches Travel Co does not include flight arrangements (Ground Only Option) to and from the destination country, then I am subject to the following USD cancellation fees:
    • Greater than or equal to 60 days prior to departure:  $200.00
    • Greater than or equal to 30 days prior to departure:  $300.00
    • Less than 30 days:  $500.00
  • I agree that if my travel reservation and purchase with Lost Beaches Travel Co includes flight arrangements (With Air Option) to and from the destination country, then I am subject to the above cancellation fees PLUS any fees imposed by the airline. Furthermore, I understand that some airlines may not offer refunds at all, and that I am therefore still responsible for the cost of the flight.
  • Lost Beaches Travel Co is not responsible for any of the possessions that I carry with me during my tour with the company. I understand that there is a risk of such items being lost, damaged, or stolen. I have been informed that I should limit the possessions and valuables that I take with me on such travels. I have been advised to seek insurance coverage for such items that I do take in the event that they are lost, damaged, or stolen. I have also been advised that standard homeowner’s coverage does not apply to these items.
  • I will not hold Lost Beaches Travel Co responsible for any changes to my travel itinerary including departure and return dates. Any such changes may be the result of actions by subcontractors including airlines, accommodations, or activities, or due to (but not limited to) terrorism or Acts of God, such as the weather.
  • I understand that any fuel surcharge increases, as dictated by the subcontracted airline, whether before or after booking, is beyond the control of Lost Beaches Travel co and will be passed on to me. I understand and agree that I will be responsible for paying this increase.
  • I accept that in the event that I fail to make a payment to Lost Beaches Travel Co I will incur a one-time penalty equivalent to 5% of the missed payment, as well as an interest charge each day that the payment is late, equivalent to 5% annually of the missed payment.
  • I accept that Lost Beaches Travel Co offers promotional pricing when possible. Those prices are to entice new customers. They aren’t applicable for those that have already made their deposit. I understand that there aren’t any lower price changes once I have booked and secured my travel plans.
  • I agree that promotional codes and discounts can only be applied at the point of purchase. They can’t be combined with any other type of sale or promotional offer.
  • All of the advertised prices that have flights included are estimates based on the price of the land cost and the actual cost of the flight only. I understand that it is possible for the flight to be more expensive than the cost listed, and if so, I will be required to pay the difference.
  • I accept that Lost Beaches Travel Co has the right to cancel the tour up to 30 days before the scheduled departure. I understand this will happen in the event that the travel date of my choosing fails to attract the critical mass of interest required for Lost Beaches Travel Co to implement the trip. If that occurs, I can opt to get a refund in full or have the funds applied to a future departure date.
  • I accept there can be very strict laws in place for my travel destination and it is my responsibility to be aware of them and to follow them. Such laws include but are not limited to: banned substances, drunk driving, violence, sex abuse, or any other conduct that may be deemed inappropriate. Lost Beaches Travel Co operates a zero-tolerance policy regarding any violations of local or international laws. I agree that if I am found to have been in violation of such laws then Lost Beaches Travel Co may terminate any remaining arrangement and agreement that is in place, and that I will forfeit any funds associated with my booking.