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Salthouse on Tour

Welcome fellas, is our website, check it out, we’ve got videos (vimeo / youtube) and photos and shit to get you wet about going. The trips are 26 days, but we also book an intro trip that just covers the first 16.

So the first 16 days are wild cause it's a bigger group and everyone's just got to me, shit gets weird when you've got 16 people like us on tour. It's also when we cover all the cultural shit like a couple temples, bit of history, playing in the water with elephants, feeding monkeys, theres a 7 step waterfall with ponds at every level to swim in, rock climbing, bamboo rafting, tubing down rivers with an esky of beers and rope swings, crazy national park with floating rafthouses we sleep in, and it all peaks with a private charter speedboat all you can drink booze cruise that island hops through the Phi Phi islands (easy best day on the trip), Phi Phi is sick too the beach bars throw massive parties every night which are like mini full moon.

Then the second half of the trip starts haha. And it is just out of control, we head to Koh Phangan which is mental. Dj's, pool parties, muay thai fight, full moon party & after parties, we have access to slip n fly as much as we want, there’s also a wipeout course owned by the same guys. It’s literally 5 days of UV paint, capes, cow suits, and day seshes that turn into 24 hour messes. Then broken and full of regret we head to Koh Tao to chill and come down just in time to get on the biggest pub crawl in Thailand which has up to 150 people on it, its all bikinis, pool party bars, waterslides, and buckets of vodka. After that you guys would head to Phuket for a few nights to get weird with the ladyboys before your flight out. I predict that being one of the lovelier flights of your lives.

We have a videographer that follows the group too, so we end up with some pretty bad ass footage, so we'll link you to our next promo video cause I have a feeling you guys will probably be centers of attention in it hahaha. Check this sample, he's fuckin sick.

All the accomodation, trains, boats, transfers, activities, entrance fees, etc are included. You pay for your own food & drink (meals typically $2-5, beers are $1.50 at 7/11 or $2-4 in restaurants and bars, buckets from $5-10 depending on the alcohol brand — usually 6 shots + mix + redbull hahaha).


So boys, I say we're on tour



Talk soon xx