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Official FULL MOON PARTY Aftermovie!

Why not take a break and come to one of the most awesome (and crazy) experiences of your life for Full Moon Party in 2017? With our premier location in Koh Phangan Thailand, it's a small skip n'step from the little cobblestoned, cozy beach town of Haad Rin that for 1 day a month goes absolutely nuts. Once we arrive there is nothing left for you to worry about, apart from having the time of your life. Our bunch of helpful guides will be there to answer any questions you may have, and to assist you where necessary before you’re let loose into the madness that is Full Moon!


Apart from the 10,000 party goers on the beach – There are live performers doing everything from Spanish classics to Justin Bieber’s latest profound piece of music. We’ll drink and dance and frolic and attempt to salsa and have the night of our lives with the locals & travellers alike. You’ll look out over the beautiful surrounding countryside and sigh at the tranquility…. and then someone will dump a bucket oon your head. All hell will break loose and you will eventually emerge exhausted, exhilarated… and covered in a hell-a-lot of bright paint.












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