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We have to respect someone that checked out the 26-day trip description, loved it, but wanted – ney, demanded – more. We like your moxie. So, lets get to the point: “TELL ME WHAT 9 EXTRA DAYS GETS ME!”

As you may have guessed, the answer is obvious: MORE THAILAND! That means more BEACHES, more PARTIES, and more CULTURE. The 26-day trip is an amazing experience and those travellers will go home with memories they’ll never forget. But you’ll have almost A WEEK AND A HALF more in paradise, including stops at several new destinations as well as extended stays at our favourite spots. You’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper off the beaten path and into local Thai culture (your Thai language skills may even go from strong to quite strong).

You probably have some questions, we've took the liberty of answering what we feel are the most likely of those:

Q: Doesn't it seem like a long time to leave my cat dependent on that auto-feeder?   Time flies when you’re sipping coconut-cup mai tai’s oceanside. And we spoke to your cat, he’s cool with it.

Q: Will the travellers on the 26-day trip turn on me when they find out I get 9 more days in Thailand than them?   Definitely, but don't worry we'll make sure you're off riding elephants or Scuba diving while they pack their things if you're concerned. 

Q: Is 26 days worth quitting my job for?  Yes.

The Lost Beaches team can also further enhance your travel experience by arranging your flights to and from Bangkok. All you really have to think about is a little spending money and what bikini or board-shorts to bring!

Note that if your friends are being less adventurous than you and taking either of our 10 or 16 day trips, you will still be able to travel along side them for the duration of their tour! However, you'll be waving from the beach as they look out the tiny window on their flight home!

This trip is for you if:

  • You would love to travel with a group of new friends.
  • You are a lone traveller, travelling between friends, or as a couple.
  • You’re looking for tropical weather, epic beaches, life-changing experiences, amazing culture & extra time to sit back and relax.
  • You enjoy having access to unreal nightlife and beach bars.



Thailand 26 Days

Jun 03 - Jun 30 2019

Thailand 26 Days

Jul 02 - Jul 28 2019

Thailand 26 Days

Aug 01 - Aug 27 2019

Shopping in Thailand is super cheap and generally high quality. Bangkok is also very safe - If you see anybody wearing camouflage holding a machete, don't be scared. They sell coconuts.

Includes first-rate accommodation, private transport & select activities..

Day 1

Arrive in Bangkok!

Get picked up by the LBT Team at the Airport in Bangkok. Settle in at your hotel then head out for an epic night as you meet your new mates!

Day 2

Explore Bangkok!

Hop in a tuk tuk and explore the best the amazing city of Bangkok has to offer. Shop at markets, eat street food, have fun with your new mates on Khao San Road!

Day 3

Temple Life!

Enjoy the breath taking beauty of Thailand's most treasured & ancient Buddhist temples, located in Bangkok. Meet friendly monks here and see the 46 meter gold reclining Buddha, said to be very good luck for those who visit him!

Day 4

Hot Springs!

Head to Kanchanaburi, settle into your guesthouse, grab a delicious bite to eat and then head to the relaxing hot springs to unwind.

Day 5

River Raft

Spend the afternoon with a Beer in hand and cruise down the river in Kanchanburi on a bamboo raft all the while exploring the beautiful Thai country side.

Day 6

Elephant Conservation Camp!

Bathe with Changs! (Elephants) Witness, feed and play with Earth's most beautiful creatures in their element.

Day 7

7 Layer Waterfall trek!

Photo opportunities of a lifetime! Erawan Falls is emerald green ponds & waterfalls in the heart of the jungle, named after the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. Stop at each level and go for a dip!

Day 8

Night Train!

All aboard! You'll sleep over night on the train as you travel from Bangkok to Surat Thani. Enjoy the country side views of Southern Thailand and relax with your new mates as you relax before hitting the islands

Day 9

Paradise Found!

Get settled in to your beach front guest house at the famous Island of Koh Phangang. Check out the beautiful beach, go for a dip in the pool & party at night.

Day 10

Live the Island Life!

Relax at one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. White sand, bright warm clear water, cold drinks with your mates, and snorkelling. You'll be a professional beach bum in no time!

Day 11

Slip N' Fly!

The famous slip n fly party is full of waterslides and jumps big & small. After music, drinks and a few dips in the pool - head out for dinner at the famous Clifflife restaurant!

Day 12

Full Moon Party!

You and the LBT crew will paint your skin in glow in the dark body paint before heading out to one of the most famous beach parties in the world. Dance until sunrise in Paradise!

Day 13

Free time!

Phew! What a night. You'll probably want some rest and relaxation after the full moon party. Eat some delicious thai food & chill by the pool. Massage, Shopping anyone? This a free day to explore and relax!

Day 14

Viewpoint Trek

Island hopping time! We'll head to Koh Phi Phi by boat. Once we arrive, we'll do a short trek up to see one of the most incredible views of southern Thailand

Day 15

I'm on a boat!

Yacht Life! Truly a day to remember; Hop on a power boat with the crew and explore Maya Bay, one of the most incredible natural beaches in Thailand. There's Snorkeling, Music, Monkey Beach and an epic sunset on the boat.

Day 16

Thai Cooking Class!

Yum! Learn some of to make some of Thailand's most delicious dishes with an expert chef! (Remember you get to eat what you make!)

Day 17

Khao Sok

Lake Life! Head to the beautiful fresh water lake in Khao Sok National Park in the heart of the jungle for days of kayaking and sleeping on floating wooden bungalows.

Day 18

River Tubin'

Grab your tube and go! This day is one of our most popular. Head down the river in Khao Sok. You'll be going through smooth lagoons and some fun small rapids through the jungle. You might even spot a wild elephant or two!

Day 19

Lake Livin'

Towering limestone cliffs surround this lake in one of the most unique places on Earth. Fresh clear water is as refreshing as you stay on the lake in floating bungalows with all the amenities you need. Spend the day on the water kayaking, swimming and enjoying the sun.

Day 20

Railay Beach

Only accessible by longtail boat, it is a hidden gem surrounded by picturesque rock formations and white sand. we'll have a full beach day where you can Rock climb if you like, play beach frisbee, swim, or just relax in the sand

Day 21

Fire spinning

Another day, another beach. Chill out and sit back then watch epic fire spinning in the laid back Beach culture nightlife in Railay, Don't be afraid to take a class and learn how to spin the flame!

Day 22

Koh Tao Life Cruisin'

Another day, another beach. Do a mesmerizing full 360 degrees around the famous Koh Tao Island, included is a stop at Koh Nang Yuan, one of the best photo spots on earth.

Day 23

Koh Tao Pub Crawl

Downtown Sairee beach is just a short walk away from out guest house and offers plenty to do all day - then partake in the famous Koh Tao Pub crawl, this is a memorable evening for you and your travel mates!

Day 24

Koh Tao Scuba

This is optional for those that want to venture under the sea. Known for it's world class diving, this is the perfect place to start or perfect your scuba diving skills. Not interested? No worries, there are plenty of activities and free time on the Island to explore!

Day 25

Back to Bangkok

Enjoy a final day at the beach with your new group of best friends - You've done a ton together and it deserves a quick trip back and one last festive night out in Bangkok with your mates and an amazing final group dinner!

Day 26

So long but not goodbye!

This epic good time will stick in your mind forever - not to mention the lifelong friends you will make! As usual there is plenty of time back at your Bangkok guesthouse to shop, gather your things and get ready for the flight home!


Pickup from destination airport. Meet & Greet your new travel buddies!

All domestic transportation including trains, boats, ferries, tuk-tuk’s & private busses.

Experienced, knowledgable, fun , laid-back 24/7 trip guides

Hassle-Free epic & SAFE accommodations at our select destinations.

Select Epic Activities. (Dozens of optional activities are available)

Welcome information booklet, packing guide, LBT Shades and Shirt.

ACCOMMODATIONS With years of experience running tours, Lost Beaches provides safe and authentic nightly accommodations, including beachfront huts and aircon guesthouses that are always near the action so you aren’t forced to walk alone at night. All of our accommodation is exclusive and unique to that specific stop on the tour. We have chosen each hotel specifically according to the benefits surrounding it. From an air-conditioned Bangkok guesthouse designed to beat even the hottest city days, to unique stand-alone bungalows on the islands – our choices have gone through rigorous research to benefit the traveller’s experience and will not let anyone down.
  • Bamboo River Rafting Through the Jungle
  • Full Moon Party Madness!
  • Slip 'n' Fly!
  • Waterfall Trek
  • Local Market trip
  • Thai Temple "Wat Pho" afternoon trip
  • Tubing Down Rivers
  • Thai Cooking Class (Yes you get to eat what you cook!)
  • Playing With Elephants in the Water @ conservation camp
  • Live Muay Thai Fights
  • Snorkeling and Island Tours
  • Private Party Boat Cruise (Island Hopping, All Day!)
  • Visit Monkey Beach (Exactly What It Sounds Like!)
  • Tour Leader
  • And More!
  • Bringing a bit of spending cash is necessary. (Normally $15-20 a day, this would cover all your meals, drinks, and some shopping; if you’re a partier you’ll need a bit more!)
  • While there are dozens upon dozens of amazing activities in Thailand, our team are experts in pointing them out, while avoiding tourist prices. These activities are all optional, inexpensive and amazing!
  • Thai Travel Visas, if you are staying for more than 30 days
  • Travel insurance (mandatory, you purchase prior to the trip, your credit card may cover you for free!)
  • Food (Excluding a couple select meals)
  • Alcoholic beverages (aka: From fruity island beverages to beer – don’t worry it’s inexpensive in Thailand!)
  • Local shopping

Bangkok is a majestic city full of history, culture, shopping, and epic nightlife. Also known as “Krung Thep Maka Nakhon” to locals, it is home to some of the oldest buddhist temples on earth, and is Thailand’s largest city. Bangkok is routinely our start and finish location for each tour and often one of our most memorable. The skyline of Bangkok is the backdrop for our visits to Wat Pho temple, nights out on the world famous Khao San Road (Clubbing anyone?), and shoppers looking to stock up on incredibly priced clothing and goods. We make sure we do Bangkok right, as there are so amazing many areas to explore and epic parties to be had!


Situated a few hours west of Bangkok is the town of Kanchanaburi, a true "Thai town" with a small-town feel, but with an ultra dose of fun thrown in the mix. A unique cultural experience, with numerous waterfalls, elephants and, of course, our legendary bamboo raft ride down the River Kwai. The 7 layer waterfall trip at Erawan falls is something that has to be experienced to be believed. Quiet, beautiful, and an all out adventure, this is where memories are made. When we aren’t out exploring – lay poolside at our hotel, grab a fresh locally sourced meal, and join us for a pub crawl through some unique Thai-style bars. This small town often gets rowdy at night!


As they say, no roads lead to Railay. Railay is a completely isolated peninsula in the South of Thailand only accessible by boat and is a favourite stop on our tours. With no vehicles, only walkways and jungle paths from one of Thailand’s most flawless beaches on the west side, to the guesthouses and nightlife on the east side, it is consistently a favourite among our travelers. The beachlife in this quaint town is world class. With tons of activities – world class rock climbing, lagoons, cooking classes, kayaking, pool parties and amazing beachlife – Railay does not disappoint, as the people in this town always find an excuse to throw a party… just be sure not miss the sunset at West Beach!


What do you get when you combine Cottage lake life with Thailand? Khao Sok. A massive national park in the centre of Thailand, it is one the most picturesque locations on earth. Take a longtail boat out on the freshwater lake with your group and spend your nights on a floating raft village. The lake will mesmerize you while you stare in awe at the towering limestone cliffs, jungles and tropical sounds that surrounding you. Cave hikes, amazing meals and swimming in the pristine lake are the highlights of this location. Spend the night dancin’ with a beer in hand with your new mates, or playing the most epic games of beer pong in your life. We promise you it is nothing like you have seen before.


Just off the west coast of Southern Thailand, Phi Phi is an archipelago containing numerous islands. It’s famous for its beauty, spectacular scenery and geography and also known for being a primary location in the movie “The Beach.” The bright blue water in the bay is surrounded by massive limestone slopes and is the most visually stunning spot for some epic photos of you and your new best friends in all of Thailand. Spend the day checking out unique shops, relaxing on the beach and snorkeling. When the sun sets, the night has just begun. There is a vast amount of fire shows, beach parties, muay thai bars and lively crowds of travellers to meet and enjoy paradise with. This is one of our liveliest locations and a favourite for travellers alike!


Welcome to Neverland! Koh Phangan, home of the famous “Full Moon Party”, truly is paradise. A popular island, you’ll find yourself sipping bevvy’s on the beach, preparing for, well, a big night out on the beach. Phangan really is the pinnacle of Thailand’s party culture, 24/7. Actual endless nights complemented by picture perfect days swimming in tropical turquoise waters, Koh Phangan can offer as much wild party time as it can laidback hammock time. With tons of optional treks, pools, fishing, snorkeling, boat trips, a wipeout course, and aerial waterslides like you’ve never seen – we promise you this island is exhilarating and the closest thing to paradise you’ll ever see. You won’t want to go home.
We also island hop nextdoor to Koh Tao, which has some of the best Scuba Diving in the world, and is also home to Thailand’s biggest pubcrawl!



Please note all of our tours start and finish in Bangkok, so you'll have LBT guides available to assist you from touchdown until takeoff.


Our service isn't restricted to just the Thailand portion of your trip. Lost Beaches is more than happy to arrange your flights as well for a hassle-free experience focused on comfort and convenience! Connections to Bangkok are available from all over Canada, Australia, The UK, and Europe. We recommend booking your airfare with us, as you’ll likely be travelling with fellow group members. It also guarantees we're able to have LBT staff eagerly awaiting your arrival at the airport and includes premium, safe group transportation to the hotel. If your location isn't listed on our booking page, simply select OTHER and let us know where you are departing from in the comment box upon signing up in the booking process. Note that flight departures from your home airport can be up to 48 hours before the tour start date.

Alternatively, you may choose "LAND ONLY" on our booking page to meet us in Bangkok. Let us know your flight arrangements and we will update you with a meeting point in Bangkok to begin your tour. Please note that due to time zones and travel time, flight departures are normally at least 24 hours prior to the trip start date, so it is important to plan your flights according to arrival time, not departure time. The tour cannot delay to accommodate late arrivals.


Don't want to send the entire payment today? No problem! Secure your spot on the trip of your choice by pre booking. You'll be asked for an affordable deposit of $200 (CAD) at the time of booking, and then have a custom payment plan prepared. It's so easy to book – check out the quick process on our booking page.


Travelling as a group of 3 or more? Think you've got the connections to book other travellers? With great group discounts and referral bonuses of $100 per person, your group can save BIG or you could even be on your way to Thailand for free! Please contact us for details.


All of our prices are currently listed in CAD, AUD and GBP. However, regardless of your location or currency, we use PayPal's foreign exchange rate to convert to CAD at the time of booking – information on how to check current rates can be found by clicking here. (NOTE: We have travellers from UK, Canada, AUS and all over the world.)

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Unreal trip!

Had the absolute time of my life with LBT. The guides were amazing,s uper helpful and always looked out for the travellers. All the locations were well organized and ridiculously fun. I couldn't recommend LBT more for anyone looking to make loads of new friends and have a seriously good time in Thailand!

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Alex Richard


Alex Richard

Screen Shot 2017-02-23 at 2.54.29 PM
Had the absolute time of my life with LBT. The guides were amazing,s uper helpful and always looked out for the travellers. All the locations were well organized and ridiculously fun. I couldn't recommend LBT more for anyone looking to make loads of new friends and have a seriously good time in Thailand!

Absolutely Amazing!

My tour with Lost Beaches Travel was AMAZING! I did the 26 day tour and I wish it could have been longer. The guides were perfect! I would do the tour all over again in a heartbeat. LBT gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do on the tour and the guides give great recommendations on what to do, where to shop, eat, etc. There was never a dull moment! It was a trip of a lifetime! Lost Beaches Travel tours are everything you could dream of!


Meriko Saito


Meriko Saito

My tour with Lost Beaches Travel was AMAZING! I did the 26 day tour and I wish it could have been longer. The guides were perfect! I would do the tour all over again in a heartbeat. LBT gives you the freedom to choose what you want to do on the tour and the guides give great recommendations on what to do, where to shop, eat, etc. There was never a dull moment! It was a trip of a lifetime! Lost Beaches Travel tours are everything you could dream of!

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