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What is the best time to travel to Thailand and rip it up?


So you are planning to Travel to Thailand but not sure when? While it’s great year round. The low season for Thailand is from June until October, and it is a wonderful time to travel around the area. Sure, this is the time when it rains often, but don’t let that hold you back, often the rain is a quick downpour, never a perpetual rain week like you would find in Vancouver. There is so much this area offers that you will be missing out on.

First, it is important to get an idea of the seasons and how they line up around South East Asia. From November until February it is considered to be peak season. This is when the most people will be visiting. It is also the time of year offering the cooler, dry temperatures. Many people come from Europe to get away from the cold temperatures there at the same timeframe.

From March until May is considered the shoulder season. It is going to be hot and very humid. The temperatures are often in the triple digits. If you love the heat, this is the ideal time for you to visit. From June until October is the low season when it will be wet. However, it is only going to rain for a few hours each day. The rest of the day will be very enjoyable and you may find the storms to be interesting to watch. Others take a nap during those times to be well rested for the rest of the day.

Less People

Visiting Thailand during the low season is going to result in far less people around all the time. You can visit the landmarks and enjoy the wide open spaces without flocks of people everywhere you go. You can spend time on the beach and walk around freely rather than seeing all of the sand covered with people and their gear. If you plan to take lots of pictures, doing so with less people around means less chances of your shots being ruined or interrupted.

Save Money

Since this is the off season in Thailand, it is going to cost you far less money to stay. Businesses want to continue to attract tourists. When demand is high, prices go up and when demand is low, they are reduced. You can stretch your money further if you don’t go to Thailand when everyone else does. You can also save money on flights, buses, food, activities, and so much more. You will find they compete with each other to offer the best deals to entice you so make sure you shop around.

Thailand Tour Groups

If you want to be part of a Lost Beaches Travel Thailand tours group, you can do it with a smaller number of people. This provides you with more one on one time with the tour guide. It also helps you bond with each other more. The overall experience is going to be more personal and more memorable. You will also find the villages you come across are more welcoming of small tour groups than larger ones.

Be a Part of the Festivals

Don’t assume the festivals only take part during the peak season. There are plenty of them all year long. You will find the rainy season to be when many of the very important celebrations occur. Many of them are hosted to celebrate the coming of the rain after the heat and dry season. Many of the villages depend on that rain for the rice they grow to complete its cycle.

The Rocket Festival Starts at the beginning of the rainy season. It is held in Laos as well as Northern Thailand. The Buddhist Lent has a time span of three months. In late September, there are boat races. Regardless of the festivities you decide to take part in, you can enjoy great experiences with the locals and create memories you will never forget!

Plan around the Rain

Get out in the early morning and then go inside during the rain. You can spend those few hours exploring indoor landmarks, taking a nap, enjoying a meal, or having a few drinks and listening to music. Once the rain ends, you can go back out there and complete the items on your agenda for the day. If you plan around the rain, you can still take in plenty while in Thailand this time of year.

Being prepared for the rain with as positive attitude is also important. Think about the value it brings for the crops. Think about the lush green landscaping that results from the rain. Make sure you take along a raincoat and have plenty of repellant to keep the mosquitos away. You can carry an umbrella with you or buy one when you arrive.