Meet Our Team- Lost Beaches Travel Co.

Party On Shaun

Party On Shaun

Promotions & Operations / Weirdness Escalator

Phone: 1-877-373-1199
Mobile: +61 040 102 5314

ICQ: 30169799


Who is Lost Beaches Travel:We’re not much of a travel business, we’re more like the ugly kid you liked at school who’s now… well… he’s still ugly, but he lives in Thailand now. That’s us. Still the ugly kid, but we know Thailand really well.

Past Travels:Everywhere but South America

An Ideal Trip:Traveling to a country I haven't been before with a bunch of friends, and having at least a month to explore it... Oh, and unlimited money would be just swell.

Travel memory #1:Scuba diving in cow suits with whale sharks off the coast of Thailand

Every party needs:People and drinking games from all over the world, good music, and costumes / body paint to get things weird.

Signature Beverage:#1 White Russians. #2 Korean Soju.
#3 Sangsom and anything.

Be my BFF:

"Travel.. The best way to get lost.. and found at the same time."

Gunner McIntosh


Trip Coordinator / Beach Volleyball Umpire

Phone: 1-877-373-1199

Why Travel In A Group:It's like that first time you got pressured into going to a club, even though you hate clubs, so you just got loser drunk and embarrassed your friends all night, but ended up having the best night of your life, and now you basically just live at the club. So hey, clubs, maybe they’re not so bad after all.

Loves:A beach bar that serves local fish and cold beer all afternoon and night.

Always searching for that perfect:Straw hat.. the perfect attire for any warm weather occasion.

Favourite part about travelling:History, culture, epic times, food, new friends, new people, new comrades, new amigos..

On the plane I wear:Shorts. Always. Gotta be prepared for that beautiful Thai heat when you arrive.

Hangover remedy:Two classic methods (each in order):

1. Sun, Red Bull, Water, Sushi
2. Denial, Liquor, Espresso, Loud music

Be my BFF:

“If my phone is off, you can always find me by the pool - lounging with an icey cool local bevvy in hand."


Graham Hay

Graham “G-Hay” Hay

Trip Coordinator/Tour Honcho

Phone: 1-877-373-1199

What is Lost Beaches Travel Co:We’re that good-natured uncle who secretly let you have a whole beer at Christmas. That’s us.

Loves:Asia, Australia, Booze Cruises, Haad Yuan beach on Koh Phangan, Thailand

In my backpack:Always fresh sunglasses, board-shorts & flip flops

In love with:Hot summer beats, cool summer nights

Food:Street fare in Bangkok.. Never get of it.

Jet lag remedy:A very calculated method I've mastered over the years: Quick power nap, followed by an ice cold shower, ice cold brew, and meeting up with friends..sometimes all at the same time.

Be my BFF:

“Whoa, we're halfway there. Whoa, livin' on a prayer. Take my hand and we'll make it, I swear. Whoa, livin' on a prayer."


Ola Jany

Ola Jany

Trip Coordinator/Sultan of the Sun

Phone: 1-877-373-1199

Favourite Spot:Any hammock I can find after a long day of exploring.

Loves:Lost Beaches Travel Co! Best job I've ever had!

Hates:Winter, slush, snow.. and anything related!

Epic travels:I’ve been to South America, Asia, Australia, The Caribbean.. Throw a dart at a map for me, will ya?

Always travel with:Inflatable pool party toys - anything from a giant shark to a swan - these are necessary for a good time at "da" pool. Trust me on this one guys.

Makes me smile:Riding bikes alongside water buffalos and rice paddies in Vietnam, and seeing a family of four with the family pig all riding on one moped - unbelievable!!

Be my BFF:

"You don't need travel to disappear - All you need is a destination.."


Greg Dilts


Trip Coordinator and Tour Guide

Phone: 1-877-373-1199

Who is Lost Beaches Travel:We’re less like a tour company, more like that time you saw that old woman’s boobs in the hospital and they were so weird that you tried not to look, but you’ve thought about them at least two times since. We’re those two times.

Pets:I had a lizard once. I would sell my soul for a pet monkey though, preferably a Gibbon, or maybe one of those baby ones that wears a diaper and never gets any bigger.

Beach attire:Flip Flops -- clothing optional.

meeting people:The general rule of thumb is that people from other lands are always far sexier than people from our home countries. Always. Plus, they’re interesting to talk to, as they often have a completely different outlook on, (or way of) life.. and you can get away with a bit of exaggeration in your stories. Who can argue with that?

Asia highlights:Learning Thai, Thai cooking, epic chill out hammock sessions, viewpoint hikes, squid fishing at night.

Where I belong:Give me a some epic Bangkok nightlife and good friends; I may never leave. Sometimes life is that simple, isn't it?

Be my BFF:

"Do or do not. There is no try."


Chris Sheppard



Phone: 1-877-373-1199

Who is Lost Beaches?:We’re that person you barely know who you sometimes sext.

Plane, Train or Boat:Not an adventure unless you take all three!

Best Travel Advice:I like learning about new places by word of mouth. I would recommend talking to locals and experienced travelers when abroad to find out the best places to go. I don't like regimented travel guides - there needs to be a level of spontaneity involved, this is why I love Lost Beaches Travel Co!

In my backpack:Sunscreen, shades, tequila, margarita mix, portable blender.

Top Notch Souvenirs:Paper money and beer caps from every country I get to.

Learning:Surfing, Mandarin, and how to say no to one more beer; none are going well so far.

Be my BFF:

"He controls the senate! He's too dangerous to be left alive ... ahhhhh"


Lindsey McIntosh


Trip Coordinator / Scuba Master

Phone: 1-877-408-1199

Fav place:Very tough to choose, but I do love Koh Tao, Thailand.

Best Travel Advice:It can be intimidating traveling somewhere new, so my advice is to just book the ticket and take the leap! You won't regret it! Also try to learn a few basic words in the local language - they genuinely appreciate the effort!

Favourite exotic food:THAI CURRY! Maybe some spring rolls as well. If you are ever a bit cranky while on the go, stop at the nearest eatery and grab some snacks to make yourself feel better!

In my backpack:Too many bikinis.

I want to travel to:Bali or the Pacific Coast of Mexico! Any new place I can scuba dive!

Benefits of Lost Beaches Travel:We would all love to take 6 months off and make our way through Asia on our own, but for most of us, that isn’t feasible. You don’t have the time or money to waste on mistakes, bad intel, or getting ripped off. LBT has done the legwork for you, but won’t get in the way of your travel freedom! It’s great for your first introduction to backpacking. Plus, instant best friends the moment you step off the plane!

Be my BFF:

“I love Thai food more than anyone.. ANYONE."


Meeks Saito


Lifestyle Guru/Marketing

Phone: 1-877-408-1199

Loves:Mexican Food & Thai Food

Hates:Cigarettes & People who dance "seriously"

Always searching for that perfect:Bikini

Mantra to live by?:Bare hair & Salty Feet or is it the other way around?

On the plane I wear:Onesie, or sweaties

Beach Bum or Pool Poser?:A little of both - I try and mix it up

Be my BFF:

"Good times and Tan lines"

Wanna join the team?

Why we do
What we do

Here at Lost Beaches Travel Co. our people are focused on three things:

Bring a collective fun group of people together to enjoy Thailand hassle-free.

“Its not where you are, but who you’re with”.  Which is why we love having groups of like-minded individuals travel with us. Of course the fact that we’re in Thailand hardly makes the counter argument a tough one. We want to share the various parties, cultures, and atmospheres that our locations have to offer, while maintaining relationships with local people and businesses.

Our generation has bred a new type of traveler. We are the curious-minded and the pleasure-seeking. We are the music-conscious, adventure-loving and forward-thinking. We require a more extraordinary adventure than the reams of other 18-30’s excursions out there. Lost Beaches Travel Co was founded to provide that.

Create a platform to give a genuine EPIC backpacking Travel experience – no hidden costs.

Lost Beaches Travel Co. is all about freedom and flexibility so you can decide what you want to see, eat, and experience on your journey, while paying local prices along the way. Hassle-free epic travel is a concept we saw a niche for and jumped on it.

We use our connections, friends, and creativity to provide an exceptional experience for an amazing price. That means you’ve got more to spend on the little things.

Experience our diverse planet not as a tourist but as a traveller.

We’ve come to learn that every culture in this wide world has a different story to tell and song to sing. We ensure that our travellers interact with the local culture and people at all of our locations, as opposed to travelling around them.

Environment and social responsibility are key. At Lost Beaches Travel Co. we want to keep the world we love alive. Throughout any one of our trips, environmental preservation is paramount, and everyone we interact with is encouraged to be a responsible traveller. Thailand will change who you are, but it doesn’t you need to change Thailand.


“Once in a while it really hits people that they don’t have to experience the world in the way they have been told to.”

-Alan Keightley

A little bit of
Teamwork, Passion & Dedication.


Behind this “oh so funky” exterior beats the heart of a very exciting company with years of experience running trips in South East Asia and Central America. It began as four friends, an ocean sunset and a few drinks, recalling what our lives would have been like had we’d not taken the leap to start travelling. It migrated into a belief that everyone should have the opportunity to be a part of this – and that they could share the amazing adventures they had experienced together with their friends back home and ultimately with new friends from across the globe. That concept, forged out of love for adventure, epic parties, far horizons, and authentic travel experiences has been carefully crafted and practiced over time and now exists as Lost Beaches Travel Co. 

Our company wasn’t envisioned to be a traditional ‘tour company’.  We’ve designed each trip as unique as you are, our guides as well as each traveller have control over locations and activities. Lost Beaches is simply a safe, fun, efficient way to make exploring the exotic possible. Our Team is always expanding and teamwork is key in executing our trips, as it takes a special brand of well-travelled, lively leaders and coordinators to make things happen in classic ‘Lost Beaches’ fashion.

Adventure awaits >