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9 things only people who live the Beach will understand

For most people the beach is somewhere to go on vacation, or for an occasional day out. But there is a certain knowledge about the Beach. Wanna get the goulash on the beach that only beach-freaks know about? Well read on. The idea of living there might seem like a dream, but what is it really like for those who live right there and can see it every day?

Here are 9 things that can only be fully understood by those who live by the beach. I’m sure you’ve all heard the saying “travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer”. Well it’s so goddamn true. Upgrading your iPhone every time a new model comes out might give you clearer photos but it won’t give you a clearer view of your aspirations in life. Just as liking other people’s wanderlusty travel photos on Instagram won’t give you the same feeling as seeing the places with your own eyes. To be the beach, you gotta BE the beach.

1. You understand that the beach isn’t just for summer Wrapping up warm and walking on a deserted beach in winter is a uniquely invigorating experience.

2. You always feel a little bit smug After all, you get to live somewhere that people yearn to visit all year.

3. You’ve discovered that solutions to most problems can be found by sitting on the beach and staring out over the water Similarly, if you’re in need of some inspiration, you will find it by digging your toes in the sand.

4. You take it personally when people leave trash at the beach You wouldn’t leave trash in their backyards, so why do they leave it on your beach?

5. You always have something to do when you live near the beach Even if it’s just sitting on the beach which is a perfectly valid way to spend time, unlike anywhere else when just sitting and doing nothing is clearly a waste of time.

6. You know that any food tastes better when eaten sitting on the sand Even better if it’s been prepared on the beach. You’ve perfected the art of preparing and eating food on the beach without ingesting gritty sand, this is a skill to be envied by the casual beach visitor.

7. You never get bored of the view Especially the sunsets. And the sunrises. And during the midday sun.

8. You’ve accepted that your house will never be completely sand-free Ditto your car, clothes, hair, and pets.

9. You can aggressively categorize people who are visiting the beach into “types” just by looking at them This categorization enables you to predict their behaviour on the beach, giving you with hours upon hours of real life entertainment as you watch and nod knowingly.