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5 biggest mistakes you’ll make while backpacking through Thailand!

Avoid these Common Mistakes while Backpacking through Thailand.  Backpacking can be an amazing adventure you quickly fall in love with, yet it can also be a difficult challenge if you fall into some common pitfalls. Knowing what can happen is the best way to prepare against it. Then you can focus on just having a great time for your entire trip!

Backpacking through Thailand is going to be an experience you never forget! There is lovely landscaping as far as the eyes can see. Get up close and personal with some of the wonders of the world. You may have about them in books and seen pictures, but nothing compares to what you will see with your own eyes! Avoid these common mistakes and you will have nothing but wonderful memories of your adventure. 

1. Don’t Over Pack!

We have all packed too many items for a vacation, backpacking is no different. It’s hard to decide what you will need and what you can leave at home. Fortunately, we are full blown experts when it comes to packing for backpacking through Thailand. There is no reason to add more weight to your backpack than you really have to. Narrow it down to the basics including a few changes of clothing and an extra pair of shoes. You need your hygiene essentials but leave the rest at home. Less belongings with you = much less to worry about.

Ladies, you can do without the makeup and all the hair products out there! Pack bug spray and sunblock. These are items you may need on a daily basis. Make sure you have some room in your backpack for items you may choose to add along the way. You may encounter some great items as you move along the trails. Don’t forget your camera (Phone for most of you millenials..) Personally, flip flops, sunscreen and board shorts are enough for me to go for days in Thailand. 


2. Tours are the way to go!

It is always recommended to go backpacking through Thailand with a tour guide rather than on your own, especially on your inaugural visit. They are experienced and they can take you to the best locations. You also have their experience on your side should there be any type of incident or accident. You can often customize such tours so they will include where you want to go, free time, accomodations are always taken care of especially with Lost Beaches Travel.  Make sure you pick one with terrain that is acceptable for your fitness level.

It can be quite intimidating to get out there and backpack along the trails by yourself. You may feel overwhelmed by it which will prevent you from relaxing and really enjoying the time you have out there. Epic friends and epic times await the moment you get off the plane!


3. Don’t Plan too Much

While it is understood there is plenty you would like to see and do, you can’t fit it all in! One trip backpacking in Thailand simply isn’t enough. Instead, focus on the main things you would like to see and explore. You want time to relax and time to spend in areas that hold your attention the most. Don’t make your schedule so rigorous you don’t have any time to just take in the beauty of it all. Lost Beaches Travel prides itself on 

If you see something along the way you really want to take part in, go for it! The freedom to do so is going to be exciting. Most of us are tied down day after day with a time schedule so don’t do that to yourself while on vacation. 

As you explore, you will find things you wish you had known about sooner. Write them down so you don’t forget. You can make them part of your agenda for the next time you are in Thailand. By reducing the number of activities you take part in per day, you will feel better too. No one wants to spend vacation feeling exhausted!


4. Don’t take the experience for Granted 

Put away your smartphone and other electronics. Pay attention to the culture, diversity, and beauty all around you.  Indulge. Try some unbelievable authentic cuisine of the area too. (See above.. Don’t worry they don’t bite.)  Chill, relax, let the sand run through your toes. Otherwise, you may as well stay home if you are going to engage in the same things on vacation you would do at home.  Really embrace where you are and try to spend some time interacting with the locals. It is fun to learn,travel, experience with them. Remember, travel through culture, not around it.


5. Don’t Worry!

Stress can take away the joy and excitement of your travels out there as you are backpacking through Thailand. If you plan let your hair down and have a wicked group of fellow travellers with you, you don’t have anything to worry about. Don’t let the little things that may come up get the best of you and ruin your day either. This is paradise.. Enjoy it!

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